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Ikaria by Drone

This is an Aerial Video Production from the best locations in Ikaria Island in Greece.

Locations include: Tenaro, Therma, Agios Kyrikos, Athanato Nero, Evdilos, Seychelles beach, NA beach, Akamatra, Raches (Hristos), Mounte Monastery, Spiliani Monastery, Armenistis, Messakti Beach, Erofili Hotel, Small dam (μικρο γράγμα).

Directed and Produced by FT Bletsas

It took 1 full day, 100klms of driving, 18 flights and about 120 minutes of total flight time! Parts are used on a modern Travel Show “Happy Traveller” aired on SKAI TV Network in Greece.

Footage is also available for licencing.
The full usable video library of aerial shots in Ikaria is around 80 minutes long.
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Music: Πρώτη φορά (Proti fora (=First time)) by FT Bletsas

Special Thanks to:
Erofili Beach Hotel, Armenistis, Ikaria
Lemy Car Rentals, Ikaria
Astra Airlines

@ Copyright 2015 E. Bletsas – Foodmusic Films